The Luminess ProMembership; -Terms & Conditions*

Makeup Artists, Models, Photographers, Singers, Actors, and Future Professionals are entitled to a 70% discount on all Luminess Makeup Products purchased for professional use. We know how important it is to keep products on hand and that maintaining a professional kit can get very expensive at times. Offering you the Luminess Pro Membership Discount is our way of giving back to you, our Luminess community.

There is NO annual fee to get started - membership is free once you've submitted proof of your professional status. The billing information you submit at signup will not be charged and is only used for verification of identify and quick checkout on your future purchases. A copy of Photo Identification and two pieces of Professional Criteria indicating your category/profession is required upon becoming a Luminess Pro Club member. You can attach these files digitally on the signup form. If you’re a student, send us proof of your enrollment at your current school, along with your photo identification, to take advantage of these wonderful benefits.

Please note: A minimum order of $50 must be purchased (after discount) otherwise; the order will be at regular price. The Luminess Pro Club Member discounts are not applicable to already-discounted merchandise.

Luminess Pro Club Memberships are non-transferable. The Luminess Pro Club Member Discount is applicable only to sales at tradeshows or by contacting the Luminess Pro Club Member hotline @1-888-793-7474.

The resale of products purchased using the Luminess Pro Club Member Discount is strictly prohibited and grounds for the immediate termination of membership in the program. Terms and conditions of Luminess Pro Club Member Discount eligibility or benefits are subject to change at any time, without notice. Membership will be automatically renewed on a yearly basis.